Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Training Your Dog Not To Jump Up On People

Puppies and dogs that jump up on you are only looking for attention, and it is your duty to give it to them. If, when you enter a room, your puppy dashes over to greet you, bend over to pet him. If you simply stand where you are, he will probably want more of a greeting from you and speaking to him is not enough. Remember that this display of affection is one of the ways your puppy will show that he loves you, and your affectionate response will assure him of your devotion.

If your puppy jumps on your friends or strangers when they come to visit you, another
method must be employed. Have the puppy on a leash when a caller comes to the door and as the puppy starts to jump up, pull him back. Ask your friend to reach down and pet him.

Any time you pull your puppy back off balance, say "No, easy," to him. It is best to have a collar on your puppy at this time. The collar should not be heavy and it should fit properly. If you wish to teach your dog later on to stand up against you, try this. Encourage him to stand against you by saying, "Up," and patting your chest. If the dog jumps and leans on you too heavily, gently tap him in the chest. Encourage him to try again, and when he leans against you lightly, praise him with your voice and pet him.

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